Terms of purchase

In order to bid on Klaravik.dk, you must agree to our terms and conditions of purchase. The terms and conditions describe the buyer’s rights and obligations related to purchases on Klaravik. It is a condition of registration that you have read, understood and approved the agreement prior to bidding. Upon registration, you agree to the conditions of this agreement.

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Klaravik Terms & Conditions

Klaravik ApS (CVR number 36920882), hereinafter referred to as Klaravik, is a privately-owned auction company which provides sales for mainly municipalities, companies, financing companies, bankruptcies and estates. Klaravik’s mission is to sell objects on behalf of these sellers (hereinafter referred to as ‘seller’) to the highest bidder (hereinafter referred to as ‘buyer’) through online auctions. Klaravik mainly caters to corporate buyers.


All objects on klaravik.dk are sold at auction. Bids can be placed around the clock. Each auction closes at a scheduled time, but is extended by approximately three minutes if a bid is placed within three minutes prior to the scheduled time.

Klaravik disclaims any liability for damage, loss and consequential damage that may affect the buyer or seller due to technical failures, communication problems, etc. Furthermore, Klaravik assumes no responsibility for bids not being registered or for contact not being established.

When the auction closes, Klaravik will contact the highest bidder by email or telephone within 72 hours. An invoice sent is considered as established contact.


It is always the seller who sells and is responsible for objects. Klaravik acts only as an intermediary and not as an owner or a seller of objects; the responsibility for the objects sold lies with the seller.

Klaravik will not take on the role as exporter or declarant when objects are sold to foreign buyers.


You need to register as a bidder at klaravik.dk to buy objects at Klaravik. You can register as a Danish company, a Danish private individual or a foreign company. In order to place a bid, you must accept Klaravik’s terms and conditions. It may take a few hours before your registration has been reviewed and approved.

To register a buyer account as a private individual, you must be at least 18 years old. Registering an account in a false name or in someone else’s name may result in police prosecution.

Klaravik processes all your personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which came into force on 25 May 2018. When you register as a buyer, you authorise Klaravik to use your or your company’s data to enable Klaravik to perform its obligations to you. For more information on how personal data is processed, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

If Klaravik suspects that a buyer is abusing their buyer account, does not meet the terms and conditions of purchase or does not comply with agreements entered into, Klaravik has the right to block the buyer from placing bids on klaravik.dk.

Klaravik.dk reserves the right to reject a bidder and cancel a sale without further justification.

Klaravik may opt out of selling to individuals and decide to sell only to companies. This will always be disclosed for each auctioned object. Klaravik has the right to reject any winning bid if the buyer does not meet the requirements for purchasing the specific object. For example, when requirements are made for business to business (B2B) sales only and not business to consumer (B2C). As a general rule, vehicles are not sold to private individuals.

Furthermore, requirements may be made regarding exports out of Denmark or the Nordic countries. If the bid winner is a private individual or company that does not meet these requirements, Klaravik may cancel the sale.


All bids are binding. This applies even if your bid has not reached the reservation price at the end of the auction. If the reservation price has not been reached, your bid will be binding for two working days after the end of the auction. The buyer undertakes to be available to Klaravik’s staff during this period. An auction fee will always added to the winning bid (read more below under ‘Fees’)

In addition to manual bids, you have the option to place automatic bids. Your maximum automatic bid is not visible to other bidders. If two people submit the same bid, priority will be given to the bid that was placed first. When this happens, it is clearly visible in the bidding history.

Klaravik assumes no liability for bids not being registered.

Objects sold at auction

Terms such as auctioned object, object, item, sales object or similar designations mean the item sold by the seller to the buyer at an auction held by Klaravik.

All objects on klaravik.dk are sold ‘as is’. However, this does not apply to auctions where the transaction is a consumer purchase. The auction documentation consists of text, images and, in some cases, films. Always read through the auction documentation thoroughly. Please note that images can sometimes be misleading and differ from reality, such as in colour, shape and size.

Klaravik does not make any inspection of objects. Klaravik’s auction broker conducts an interview with the seller about the seller’s own assessment of the condition of the object. Any information provided by Klaravik about objects is the information provided by the seller.

If an object has only a very brief description of its condition, the buyer should keep in mind that there may be unknown or hidden defects.

Repair objects

No guarantee is given as to the condition of the objects, whether they are listed as ‘repair objects’ or not. If an object is listed as a repair object, it means that the buyer should specifically expect the object to be in particularly poor condition. However, not listing an object as a repair object is no guarantee that the object does not require substantial repairs.

A repair object is either (i) in such poor condition that it is unfit for use according to the general purpose of the object and is therefore mainly to be used for spare parts, or (ii) unfit for use according to the general purpose of the object unless repair or reconstruction is undertaken.

The buyer should be aware that objects may be listed as repair objects, even if the seller has not conducted any examination or inspection. For example, if the object has been stored in a leaky barn for 5 years prior to sale, the seller may list the object as a repair object because it is assumed that it lacks repair, even if this is not positively known and checked.

Repair objects may have missing parts or have more defects than those described in the auction documentation, and this should be taken into account when bidding. Complaints cannot be made about repair objects, except in case of consumer purchases with a statutory right of complaint.

Passenger cars and vans with a maximum allowable weight up to 3,500 kg, sold at a purchase price of less than DKK 30,000 are also considered repair objects.

Reservation price

Objects sold on Klaravik have a reservation price. The reservation price is determined by the seller and is the lowest price accepted by the seller. For each auction, you can see if the reservation price has been reached or not.


No warranty is given on the purchased objects.


An auction fee will be added to the bid, the amount of which will vary depending on the object. The auction fee will be clearly specified for each object when you are logged in as a buyer at klaravik.dk. When buying an object, you need to pay both the price of the object (the purchase price) and the auction fee. VAT All objects are subject to


(unless otherwise specifically stated) and in all cases this is specified for the object concerned.


Once you win an auction, you will receive an invoice from PayEx within 2 working days. The deadline for payment is 5 calendar days. Payment must be made through the account and registration number or the FIK code on the invoice. Your payment will be registered within 2-3 working days. It is not possible to accelerate this process by contacting Klaravik or PayEx or by making an instant payment to PayEx. If there are specific reasons to accelerate the process, please contact our customer service who can provide a direct account number for instant payment outside PayEx if accepted by Klaravik.

Late payment/Non-payment

If the payment deadline of 5 calendar days is not met, Klaravik may choose to cancel the won auction. The bidder’s account will be closed and an invoice for payment of a cancellation fee will be sent.

The cancellation fee is 15% of the purchase price, however minimum DKK 2,350 excl. VAT, or minimum DKK 2,937.50 incl. VAT.

The buyer agrees that amounts due will be collected by Klaravik or collection partner.